Blue Scarf
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Blue Scarf
Blue Scarf
Zona Baari – $ 33.00

LA Based multidimensional artist Ruqayyah Alzona Albaari works intimately with Metal, Ceramic and Textiles to create ambient pieces reflective of her explorative relationship with the extraterrestrial. Born from the desire to separate from authority and the constraints of capitalism, Ruqayyah’s creative channel Zona Baari came to fruition. Inspired by psychedelics, movement, religion and the concept of “God”, Ruqayyah creates her own paradise, manifesting the nebulous into tactile, uniquely rendered works of art. Adorned or displayed, Zona Baari exists in a frequency all it’s own.

**Dyed by hand and each one is unique and may vary slightly from this photo**

Approx 18" x 18" in synthetic blend