Alex Katz: Beauty
  1. Care
  2. Decor + Objects
  3. Eating + Drinking
  4. Gifts ~ $30 & Under
  5. Gifts ~ Black, Latinx & AAPI Owned
  6. Homes for Plants
  7. Newness
  8. Paper + Art
  9. SALE
  10. Smells + Candles + Care
  11. Textiles + Soft Things
Alex Katz: Beauty
Alex Katz: Beauty
Yowie – $ 40.00

Alex Katz has always been one of our favorite artists with his ability to turn a simple brushstroke into a loving portrait. This handsome clothbound catalog gathers Alex Katz’s recent titular print portfolio. The series of 25 prints features close-up, black-and-white portraits that remove the subjects from any contextual backdrop, emphasizing instead subtle shifts in expression. Rendered in bold lineation and tightly framed, the women depicted recall the models and celebrities featured in mid-20th-century fashion imagery, underscoring Katz’s ongoing fascination with perceptions of beauty and glamour that permeate the public sphere.


The portraits are bookended by a pair of meditations on beauty: Carter Ratcliff imagines a comedically philosophical dialogue between himself and beauty, and Jarrett Earnest shares 31 encounters with beauty in art and life.