Ausmalbuch by Erik Steinbrecher
  1. Decor + Objects
  2. Eating + Drinking
  3. Home for Plants
  4. Paper + Art
  5. SALE
  6. Smells + Candles
  7. Textiles + Soft Things
Ausmalbuch by Erik Steinbrecher
Ausmalbuch by Erik Steinbrecher
Clipen – $ 16.00

Ausmalbuch (coloring book) by Erik Steinbrecher is a handy album with new works on paper. In his own way, Steinbrecher roughly arranges montages, collages, silhouettes and fine sketches. But the title of the book is kidding us. This coloring book is already colored in and finished. Let‘s get infected by the artist and just keep on shaping.


48 Pages
11.2 x 17.8 cm
Soft Cover
Color Offset

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