Deem Journal Issue 2
  1. Care
  2. Decor + Objects
  3. Eating + Drinking
  4. Homes for Plants
  5. Newness
  6. Paper + Art
  7. SALE
  8. Smells + Candles + Care
  9. Textiles + Soft Things
Deem Journal Issue 2
Deem Journal Issue 2
Deem Journal – $ 25.00

Deem is a biannual print journal and online platform focused on design as social practice.


'Founded by Nu Goteh, Alice Grandoit, and Marquise Stillwell, Deem Journal—a glossy, biannual publication and online platform to launch this August—is a critical journal filled with longform interviews and essays that is predicated on the notion that design is a social practice: a discipline or form of ideas that is community-driven and focused on social justice. While this idea isn’t new, it still sits outside a more mainstream understanding of design. For the founders and editors of Deem, it’s a concept that needs to be introduced into the canon, and become part of a larger conversation around the practice of design across all disciplines. " - AIGA

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