Executive Realness Pin
  1. Decor + Objects
  2. Eating + Drinking
  3. Home for Plants
  4. Paper + Art
  5. Smells + Candles
  6. Textiles + Soft Things
Executive Realness Pin
Executive Realness Pin
Nathan Nedorostek for YOWIE – $ 6.00

Executive Realness - “You’re showing the straight world that I can be an executive—if I had the opportunity I could be one ‘cause I can look like one. That is like a fulfillment.”


If you've never seen Paris is Burning then you haven't lived.


Pin measures 3/8" x 1.5" and has two pinbacks. If you're only ordering a pin please use code ELEGANZA for reduced shipping or PICKUP to pickup in shop (for local residents only).


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