*NEW* Home Alone Book
  1. Decor + Objects
  2. Eating + Drinking
  3. Home for Plants
  4. Paper + Art
  5. SALE
  6. Smells + Candles
  7. Textiles + Soft Things
*NEW* Home Alone Book
*NEW* Home Alone Book
Artbook – $ 14.00

A lighthearted guide to indoor fun in the time of the pandemic


Embarking upon self-isolation at the outset of the Coronavirus pandemic, German artist Max Siedentopf (born 1991) turned his own home upside down and captured the results with his camera. He piled cans into sculptural towers, stitched together haute-couture clothes, crafted monsters and traps and invented crazy alternatives to toilet paper.

He also posted all of his actions on Instagram and invited followers around the world to copy his various mottos. This handy survival guide casts a fun, humorous light on the business of getting by while home alone—from “invent a new meal” to “make a painting using a toothbrush” and “balance all your beauty products.” The best pictures from the series, which now numbers more than 1,000 images, are collected here, offering an effective and fun way to combat boredom indoors.


Paperback | 12 x 14 in. | 04 pgs | 210 color.